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Indian Army is lying : Pakistan claims India is creating false effects | Not possible reasons for a surgical strike in Kashmir | Pak Army Spokesman

Indian Army is lying : Pakistan claims India is creating false effects | Not possible reasons for a surgical strike in Kashmir | Pak Army Spokesman


Not possible reasons for a surgical strike in Kashmir

Mansion District of Azad Kashmir Council is a village srjyuar sheep and the remaining half of the Indian occupation in Kashmir. The village residents are often living under army shells were victims of mortar shelling of the Indian Army the district mansion, a situation that is wanted when the Indian Army anyone in the village may target.

Last year I had the opportunity to spend a few days in the village. I live in a house that was the last house in the village in the area. 20 yards from the house of the Indian Army garrison. What many precautions the hosts were one of them that was not standing on the balcony. Featuring an adventure in good health, I have repeatedly taken on the balcony. In the meantime, get a chance to watch the daily routines of the Indian Army and was in the camp and also enjoy views from several feet high barbed-wire fence between my house.

The purpose of this initiative is to highlight the fact that the Indian army of readers, he claims surgical strike in Pakistan has. Surgical asrayyk fact during the war called into action in the area are destroying his whereabouts. Usually such action is carried out by warplanes and bombed the targets in a large area.The Indian Army claimed to target those sectors from which the nail, Bhimber, the ddnyal, remarkable lyph tth water sector. I think those sectors of the Indian Army attacked the claim is accepted, we would have to admit that there was a thing called surgical strikes. but how?.

Most fire me as personal contacts and information in lyph sector, Indian Army’s Director General of Military Operations Lt Gen Ranbir Singh claimed that the attack was independent Loc 5 km area of Kashmir. But lyph sector as much as I know this forest contains lofty snow peaks in the area of heavy rain and thick clouds Wednesday night, which was impossible to attack.

I would imagine that if it did not attack might be attacked by tanks and artillery. Line will be the person who has seen it knows that the way to control the line of rugged, glaciers and rugged mountains which are impossible for man walking tanks and heavy vehicles can reach. The last option we have left is to hit coup. The troops will be attacking will come with small arms and Pakistani posts. It is said that in terms of the smallest animals undergo both India and Pakistan are spread on both sides of the Line of Control in Mines, which is impossible. Many wild animals including deer, wild goats, rabbits and explosive mines have been laid on the control of the passage of dragons, and more than a dozen events. Mines of the Indian Army on the LoC has a high wall with the help of barbed wire, which has left current. To do above and beyond the above (fifteen feet) wall is impossible.

Here is a point to be raised that India had cut the wire there was managed to avoid the mine, where it was to penetrate the territory of Pakistan. But who comes next line of action in the nail barrier to cross-sector and sector dudnyal krlyny like the Indian army were gathering information about the location of the location before speaking white lies. To cross the river, which is flowing with the sector and with all your strength rose sapphire India what is impossible in the light of day, let alone the darkness of the night for any army in the world. The Jhelum River lyph standing in the way of the sector.According to military experts, the line of not only difficult but impossible to control surgical strike.

LoC to see with his eyes and his childhood spent listening mortars shells filled with the noise of the Indian Army, can not you at least admit that the propaganda of the Indian Army. In my opinion it is the victory of the Pakistan Army and the desperation of the Indian Army issued a statement thoughtlessly womenswear. Usually such propaganda is to raise the morale of his troops.But the problem is that the lie detector in the modern era has been very easy, and you will see that the Indian Army also lie will be caught soon and there will not be any ground forces, but morale of his people.

The thing that exists in these sectors, they said Wednesday night areas of the Indian army routinely indiscriminate mortars shells fired but the Indian positions after the destruction of Pakistan’s timely action and Indian posts yet silence. Lyph of contact when there is sufficient student Kazmi sector, he said that the line of the Indian Army were busy harvesting grass control is fired but no one was hurt.

The clouds and flames were visible through the night continued firing from the Pakistan Army and the Indian Army fronts smoke. However, on Thursday to raise white flags in front of the Indian Army after sunrise Pakistan halted the operation. After the firing ceased Indian army helicopters are taking forward the bodies of wounded and killed soldiers. Fatima aryj night of their residential water tth Indian army opened fire on the civilian population. The Pakistan Army to take strict action destroyed the army check posts and while lying wounded and their dead bodies in the area on the Indian authorities did not take all day bodies. The Pandavas, CHAKOTI, spear Monday, Haji Pir, Pir Panjal, in Uri sector have also been rare reports of shooting from the Indian Army , Pakistan Army youth enemy reserves silence the guns.

Line optimistic Control stale Pakistani forces made impregnable defense of the country and the government of India is now either through the propaganda is being caused by one of the country’s world hnsayy down the other side of your army morale Is.

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Muzaffarabad: DG ISPR, Gen Asim Bajwa said that the violation of the LoC by Indian troops were answered fully and India’s loss in retaliation.

Army spokesman Lt. Gen. Asim Saleem Bajwa said journalists were answered vigorously infringement had also visited the affected areas and in the garden area at the media briefing that troops from the Line of Control. He was also aware that the Indian military casualties in military action because India is hiding losses.

Read the news again unprovoked Indian firing at LoC:

DG ISPR also said the restructuring that we are ready to respond to every part of Indian aggression, and they will think of this kind of error that India will answer it. The army defended before the country and now will also’ll do it for the country, war is not in anyone’s interest if we made war on the people and the military to effectively respond will.

He said Indian troops offline spokesman for the army regarding the arrest in Pakistan of control that an Indian soldier if the mistake of looking at the matter when it came, however, see the If there is no military .

The Indian Army has once again violated ceasefire on the Line of Control called chmp sector bhmbhr area anger fired by the army were answered fully.

Uri attack became India’s throat, removed his brigade commander


Uri sector brigade commander was removed from his post to join the investigation, the Indian authorities. Thursday

Srinagar: Remove the Uri sector of Indian-occupied Kashmir Brigade commander Col. Pal has been appointed in his place.

According to foreign news agency India is removed from his post Brigade commander Uri sector and has been appointed as the place of Colonel Pal. The Indian authorities have refused to join the investigation was removed from the post of brigade commander and the sector they will not work in office until the investigation is complete and thorough inquiry into the incident, they will handle their duties.
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He said that India blamed on Pakistan Uri was no investigation immediately after the attacks on the sector, however, were investigating the Uri sector strike clung to remove his brigade commander.


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