Home Sports Rory MacDonald savages UFC as he discloses why he selected to sign for Bellator
Rory MacDonald savages UFC as he discloses why he selected to sign for Bellator

Rory MacDonald savages UFC as he discloses why he selected to sign for Bellator


It shows up as if Rory MacDonald has burned his bridges with the UFC for good after signing for its main competitor, Bellator MMA.

When you consider all the prominent warriors who’ve as of late changed from the UFC to Bellator, you could see Benson Henderson as the first major steal, you could call Chael Sonnen the greatest draw, however Rory MacDonald is likely the most skilled.

Despite the fact that MacDonald doesn’t have Ronda Rousey or Conor McGregor levels of drawing force, the Canadian fighter reliably performed for the promotion by putting on hugely engaging battles, including apparently the best of every one of them – his epic war against Robbie Lawler for the welterweight crown.

It’s been right around a month since the Red King moved over to the number-two promotion on the world and he shed all the more light on his choice to leave the UFC during a late appearance on Heated Conversations with Booker-T. He gave his two pennies on how the fighters on the UFC’s list are treated with and it doesn’t precisely paint the promotion in the best light.

“They (the UFC) have an extremely interesting method for pushing their fighters. They don’t do it very like boxing. They get a kick out of the chance to toss you in the flame quick and check whether you end up as the winner or not. They’ll keep on moving you up speedier to attempt to profit, on the off chance that you don’t they’ll toss you in the dumpster truly quick.”


“They’re not by any stretch of the imagination in the securing the warrior business, they’re in the advancing the UFC business.”

Bellator contracts work a little uniquely in contrast to that of the UFC. As opposed to gaining cash in view of PPV numbers,fighters are rewarded fiscally in light of TV ratings their events draw. Another reward is sponsorship income, as fighteres don’t need to exclusively wear one maker at occasions, for example, the case with the tremendously defamed UFC Reebok deal.

MacDonald accept that the draw of “dollars and pennies” played a tremendous variable in his choice to leave the UFC while he was additionally critical of how warriors have all received the same strategy for creating buildup. He trusts that the expanding number of voices entering the dissonance has made it extremely dull.

“Having Bellator MMA as a genuine fighter to the UFC gives us a chance to open our eyes to different business open doors. Presently I can begin making eminences on things that I should make as opposed to the UFC making everything off of my character.”

“Throughout the previous couple of years it feels like I’ve been living in North Korea with the UFC. I don’t know whether it was done intentionally, however efficiently throughout the years the decisions made have us to the position where we are currently. We as a whole dress the same, we as a whole talk the same – it’s the same script again and again and same characters again and again. That just gets truly dry and not engaging for me.”


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