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6 Games That Put Insane Detail Into Stuff You Didn’t Notice

6 Games That Put Insane Detail Into Stuff You Didn’t Notice




Call of Duty Is Packed With “Authentic” Details No One Will Ever Notice


In addition to being a lightning rod for kids who communicate exclusively via homophobic racism, Call of Duty is one of the best-selling game series of all time. The games pride themselves on realism in their portrayal of both military strategy and equipment (OK, the last game did feature robot attack spiders), sometimes to an absurd degree. For instance, in the Black Ops II multiplayer, they have gadgets called Tac Inserts that control where you respawn.

#5. Halo 3 Has Your Name on Each Individual Bullet


t’s known, appropriately, as the Chief’s bullet, and although it is technically present and visible in regular play, it is impossible for anyone to actually see, because bullets are tiny and fast. Reading a millimeter of text on a television screen is difficult enough without having to try to discern it from the back of an individual bullet as it explodes from the barrel of your space rifle toward AIDS_Lord6969. The only reason anyone ever discovered the Chief’s bullet was because Halo 3 includes a replay mode that allows you to record videos of any multiplayer match you participate in. Some bold Haloplayer combing through saved videos of their various online victories inadvertently stumbled upon the writing, and now it’s a well-known Easter egg.[inserthere]

#4. Every Detail in Metal Gear Solid Is Absurdly Specific



The Metal Gear Solid series is famous for being totally insane. This is partly due to the series’ lead creative director, Hideo Kojima. In addition to developing the long-winded batshit lunacy of the game’s story, Kojima is adamant about infusing as much detail as humanly possible into every entry in the series, no matter how pointless or inconsequential those details may be.

#3. Super Smash Bros. Trophies Have Obscure References Hidden in Reflections


Super Smash Bros. is a series of fighting games made by Nintendo that feature a bunch of video game mascots beating the incandescent shit out of each other like an extended piece of fan fiction written by a friendless 8-year-old.


#2. Everyone in Oblivion Has a Life


The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion was the first open-world role-playing game to harness the unlimited might of a next generation gaming system to transport players into a gorgeously rendered fantasy world beyond their wildest imaginations. This is another way of saying the game is full of cockeyed plebeians with smashed-in faces and terrible skin.[inserthere]

#1. Fallout: New Vegas Is a Completely Different Game if Your Character Is an Idiot


Fallout: New Vegas was designed by the same people who made Oblivion, so it should come as no surprise that it has its fair share of ridiculous intricacy that most people will never notice, even after 250 hours of play time (which is probably low for the average Fallout: New Vegas player)

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